Freemium ๐Ÿคฉ (49)

Explore the best of both worlds with our Freemium selection. Access powerful tools for free, and when ready, unlock a realm of advanced features with premium subscriptionsโ€”elevating your Notion journey.


Build beautifully interactive charts and calculators in GRID, then paste them into your Notion workspace.

Print screen of Popsy - Free Notion-to-website generator, customize your site's design and navigation without coding.


Transform your Notion pages into stunning websites with Popsy. No coding required, just drag and drop for a personalized and responsive site.


"Notion is one of the most flexible, powerful productivity platforms around but it doesnโ€™t support Appleโ€™s automation app, Shortcuts. Nautomate fills that gap, letting you add data to your Notion databases or create rich pages automatically without the need for expensive tools like Zapier. Unleash your creativity and create powerful new automated workflows!"


Create professional animated content with Jitter. Use it to design on-brand animated UIs, videos, social media posts, websites, apps, logos and more. Sign up for free.


Supercharge your Notion workspace: create forms that save to tables, build custom sites with pages, and send emails to contacts in a database. Free to use forever.

Notion Covers

A collection of the most aesthetic downloadable Notion covers. Personalize your Notion workspace and create more memorable notes.