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Add a personal touch to your Notion profile with our Avatar Makers. Create and customize avatars, bringing a unique and stylish touch to your Notion persona. Dive into a world of creative expression!


Get your custom Notion Avatar!Turn your profile picture and photos into hand-drawn illustrations.You can use your avatar toAs your profile picture for socials Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Gift it as a present for your loved ones.As a profile picture for your workspaces like Notion, Trello, and Evernote.FAQsHow to send the photo?The purchase will redirect you to a Notion Page with a form to upload your Image.When will you receive the avatar?In 5-7 days.Want multiple avatars?Choose a quantity and submit all of them in the form or mail them to me!How do you make the avatar?Hand Drawn using Procreate.Still, have questions?Reach me at hello@mounika.studioWebsite: mounika.studioSocialsCheck out my work here!InstagramFollow me on Twitter too!TwitterRate me on my Gumroad Page!If you liked your avatar, please rate me on my Gumroad page and tag me when you post to your social media so that I can showcase it on my platforms!Testimonials!

Noto Avatar

With this illustrations pack, you can create your own Notion-style avatar. No design skills are required. There are 190+ items you can mix and match, including hairstyles, eyes, and many facial expressions. You can create more than a million possible combinations.Over 200 customizable itemsMix and match hairstyles, eyes, accessories, facial expressions, etcCompatible with Sketch, Figma, SVG, PNGMilestone🥇 #1 Product of the day / 22 Sep 2021 @Product Hunt🥉 #3 Product of the week / 22 Sep 2021 @Product HuntLaunched Ver 1.1 update / 26 Oct 2021Launched Ver 1.2 update / 19 Dec 2021529 downloads / as of 13 Apr 2023🐱 Golden Kitty Awards 2021 Finalist / 14 Jan 2022 @Product HuntCreate your own Notion-style avatar😉 16 face shapes👃🏼 14 noses👄 20 mouths👀 14 eyes👁️ 16 eyebrows🕶️ 14 glasses💇‍♀️ 58 hairstyles🎅🏼 16 beards💋 13 facial details💍 15 accessories⭐ 5 festival items[NEW] 🎅🏼 5 festival items*Free update every 2 monthsHow it worksYou can use any design tool, such as Sketch or Figma, to modify your avatar's appearance based on its nested components. This is how you can generate an avatar on Figma, watch this video. Also, you can layer and place components wherever you like.Created by Felix Wong.Note: This illustration pack is not intended for NFT use.