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Build professional, SEO-optimized websites from your Notion pages effortlessly with

Key Features of

  • Template Variety: Choose from 20+ free templates for diverse and captivating website designs.
  • Speedy Loading: Ensure a seamless user experience with fast-loading speeds.
  • Comprehensive SEO: Optimize scores, automate sitemaps, and manage redirects effortlessly.

Why should you use

Transform your Notion pages into professional websites with, a Notion website builder. Offering a range of features like 20+ free templates, custom domain hosting, liquid syntax, redirects, and themes, empowers users without any coding knowledge to create amazing websites. It excels in SEO optimization, handling optimized scores, automated sitemaps, redirects, RSS feeds, and JSON LD schema. Users praise it as an alternative to other Notion website-building tools, catering to diverse use cases such as resume/portfolio building, business landing pages, blogs, and more.

Top Features:

  • Template Variety: Explore a rich selection of 20+ free templates for diverse website designs.
  • Speedy Loading: Ensure fast loading speeds for a seamless user experience.
  • Comprehensive SEO: takes care of SEO essentials, including optimized scores, automated sitemaps, and redirects.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Adapt to various domains, from resumes and portfolios to blogs and business landing pages.

The platform's free templates provide a head start, with snappy loading speeds and straightforward custom domain setup. Noteworthy is its focus on SEO optimizations, evident in its handling of sitemaps, redirects, and JSON LD schema. stands out not just for website creation but also for enhancing online visibility, making it a strong contender among Notion website builders.

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