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Marie Poulin Blog

Get videos, articles, templates, and resources to help you build your Notion workspace and design your Notion workflows.

Thomas J Frank

Hi, I'm Thomas Frank. I'm a YouTuber, author, and entrepreneur focused on helping people become more productive with Notion.

August Bradley

I help overwhelmed professionals who lack focus & discipline implement structured systems to achieve clarity and make consistent progress. I do this by massively leveraging the Notion software platform. My Notion Life Design course and online community are at www.YearZero.io Also active on Twitter @augustbradley

William Nutt

William Nutt is the founder of Nutt Labs, an integrated digital strategy firm and Notion consultancy in New York. As a foremost Notion expert, he hosts Notion's webcast Notion at Work and runs the authoritative website Notion VIP (notion.vip), where he publishes tools and insights to help users make the most of the all-in-one productivity tool. While William works closely with Notion in various capacities, Notion VIP and this YouTube channel are independent initiatives.

unDraw Illustrations

The design project with open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create. Create beautiful websites, products and applications with your color, for free.

Popsy Notion Icons

The biggest free Notion icon set. Premium hand-drawn Notion style social icons, ecommerce icons, icons for business, finance, travel, fitness, food, clothing, fruit, gaming, media, devices, arrows, hands, zodiac, Christmas, Valentines and more. Public domain & free to use anywhere.

Super Illustrations

Illustrations can add a bit of color or visual interest to your site that helps build engagement with your users. In combination with a Super template, these free illustrations can quickly bring your new website to life. If you can’t find the illustration you need here, look for thousands more at Streamline.

Popsy Illustrations

The biggest free Notion illustration set. Premium hand-drawn Notion illustrations for landing page, personal website, ecommerce, creators, youtubers, influencers, Notion template creators, business, finance, travel, fitness, gaming, media. Public domain & free to use anywhere.

Notion Forms

Why try any other Notion Form solution, when we're free and it takes < 1 minute to try out? Free, fast, and all working without leaving Notion. Give us a try!

Notion Automations

Notion Automations | Sync Notion with external services Make Notion a true all-in-one workspace with plug-and-play automations