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Pomodoro Timer

An aesthetic Pomodoro timer to keep you focused and motivated. Customize your study timer and choose from a variety of aesthetic themes.

Notion for Students

"This is a place where students can learn from one another on how to best use Notion! It is a great place to find mentors and communicate with other Notion lovers! "

Notion Made Simple

The community for Notion users to share their workflows, set-ups and questions. Perfect for beginners, intermediates and advanced Notion lovers. Notion is one of the fastest growing workspace softwares in the world.

Notion en Español

Grupo dedicado a la productividad y organización a través de Notion. Una forma de compartirnos tips, modelos y demás cosas útiles de la aplicación y la vida.

Notion Architects

A place for Notion users who want to share template blueprints, up their Notion game from novice to advanced, ask the hard questions and problem solve together.