โœ๏ธ Years ago, I started keeping bookmarks of my favorite resources for Notion. I created Notion Boosted to easily share these resources with everyone.ย 

๐Ÿš€ I hope this will help you discover new resources, tools and applications for Notion

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Free Website for Notion to Anki Conversion. is a free website for converting Notion toggle lists to Anki flashcards. It's simple, fast and easy to use. Create better Anki flashcards today!


Supercharge your Notion workspace: create forms that save to tables, build custom sites with pages, and send emails to contacts in a database. Free to use forever.


"Convert Any Text into Presentation Slides, Magically. Wunderpresentation automatically converts your text into beautiful and interactive presentation slides. No longer spend hours of formatting, layouting, designing!"

Notion Widgets Gallery

A collection of free notion widgets that you can embed into your notion pages. you can embed each widget directly or modify it to your likings by following the steps mentioned

Notion Covers

A collection of the most aesthetic downloadable Notion covers. Personalize your Notion workspace and create more memorable notes.


It takes minutes to add a chatbot in Notion pages. With our no-code chatbot builder, it's easy to create chatbots for CS, HR or Product teams.


Slashy is an extension that lets you create custom commands for Notion. Make camera and audio recordings, draw, create reusable blocks, and more without leaving Notion.

Second Brain

Achieve peak productivity with our Second Brain Notion template, incorporating Tiago Forteโ€™s PARA method for seamless knowledge management.


Free Icons: Absolutely all the open source icons packed in a single site. We tagged, optimized and collected absolutely all the open source icons out there, more than 100k ready to download icons for you to use in commercial projects.