Notion for Family

"Notion Family is a movement of Notion lovers who are developing their workspaces for families. We created this Facebook space so that Notion users can come together and share their ideas, databases, dashboards around all things family. Everyone is welcome here and able to share and ask questions. Our main guideline for this group is to be generous and kind in this space. Give clear feedback and encourage others. Be generous with advise and tips. We are all here to improve our Notion usage, so let's all support bigger and better Notion workspaces for families. Keep posts family focused - This group is about Notion and all things family/personal. For all tech questions and work questions we encourage people to reach out to Notion Made Simple. Of course we may be able to help with some things, but we will aim to keep this space for family stuff. Advertising - You may wish to advertise your services. Please keep this to monthly only. Adds must be Notion and family focused. Anyone advertising too much or things that are not relevant, will be asked to tone it down, stop or leave. Sell or give freely- This space can be used to sell family templates or give them away freely. If you want something looked at or trialed..let us all know and we can all give feedback. What do you mean ‘family’? The word family just means the ‘unit’ that surrounds you in your home life. This could be a single person. Maybe you have ten kids or it’s just you, three dogs, two cats and a rabbit. All types of families and homes are welcome here. This is not a political space and we do not tolerate racism or rude behavior. This space will be used by people from many different nations and cultures. Our primary language will be English, however people are welcome to also post translations in their own language in the comments. Admin and founders Tim and Jay have four kids. Tim is a Notion Consultant and CEO of 'Notion Management' in Australia. Jay is a Notion lover, Nurse and busy Mum! We use Notion to track all things family and we know that many others do too. We have created this space so we can all share our ideas and templates. This facebook group is not endorsed or run by 'Notion'. This site is put together by people who simply love Notion. We do not represent the ideas and practices of Notion. We also have a website where we will share peoples Templates."

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